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Personal Reputation

Personal Reputation Repair: How To Do It?

There is no single way to repair your Personal Reputation, but one of the key points is being able to show your boss, colleagues and clients that you deserve to have your good name re-established.

Nobody is perfect. Making mistakes is part of life and the learning process. Sometimes, however, depending on how often or how serious the mistake is, our reputation can be tarnished or we can be labeled as “incompetent”, “unreliable”, “irresponsible”, “immature”, etc.

Mistakes During Personal Reputation Repair

The mistakes we make often may not result in the loss of a job, but they can easily cost us the respect of our colleagues. And if you, a lawyer, are experiencing a Personal Reputation problem, because you have made a mistake, because of bad behavior or because you are being the victim of rumors, we want to give you the good news that it is often possible to redeem and fix this situation. But how to do it?


Here are some tips that will help you deal with personal reputation repair:

1. Discover the causes

Lawyers are naturally more combative professionals. Therefore, in these situations, in order to protect themselves, it is very common to put themselves on the defensive or find someone else to blame. This is not the best way out to deal with the Personal Reputation problem. There is a high chance that this could even contribute to making the situation worse.

In this way, it is better to cool down and start evaluating events in a more calm and objective way.

There’s no way to improve your Personal Reputation if you’re not clear on why it’s been scratched. And taking responsibility for yourself is an excellent starting point. Therefore, she reflects: Are you having the right attitudes? What have you done wrong? What might you be doing that has other people seeing or labeling you the “x” way?

After that, find someone more neutral to talk about. While it’s not easy, getting feedback can be a way to clarify the situation and figure out where to focus your change efforts. This attitude also demonstrates maturity and that you are making a real effort to improve.

If it was your mistake, be sure to apologize and honestly explain what happened. Don’t try to cover up the facts or justify yourself Personal Reputation.

On the other hand, if after following the suggested steps, you find that the way you are being viewed or treated is unfair, reach out to your boss, your mentor or someone from HR and ask for help on this. Who knows, they might be able to help you resolve disagreements with others and deal with the problem.

2. Promote improvements

Regardless of who was responsible for hurting your reputation, you will certainly want to contain the damage done as quickly as possible Personal Reputation. Besides, you may have a long way to go to rebuild it, so get to work. As stated above, it is important to be patient and accept that it may take time for people to see you in a new light.

For starters, you have to believe in yourself before someone else can do it for you. So challenge any negative thoughts you may have about your ability to change this scenario.

After this stage, put together an action plan, focusing on your “future self”. Write how you want to be perceived and set goals to be achieved. For example: “organize my time so I don’t rush deadlines and start a post in the area of ​​focus, in order to have more knowledge and delve into the case studies so that I’m no longer seen as superficial or incompetent.”

You need to live the changes you want to implement and make them visible. People will need to be convinced of your change in attitude to have a new opinion of you. Don’t dwell on the problem and try to overcome what happened. However, remember to be true to yourself and live by your values, otherwise none of this will be sustainable.

3. Reassess whether it is worth continuing in the job or is it better to look for another

If you are trying to change the image created by previous negative behaviors or bad habits, it is important that you do not relapse into them. However, there are cases that, depending on what happened, not even your visible changes are able to change the image that people have built of you Personal Reputation.

So, if regardless of your efforts they just keep seeing your worst, it’s important to start looking at the possibility of leaving to work somewhere else. And history teaches us that this is no reason to be discouraged:

Walt Disney was fired from an advertising agency because he was judged incompetent to draw.

Ludwig van Beethoven was branded “a lifeless composer” by his teacher.

Therefore, the most important thing is that you extract a positive lesson for your life and, with the changes already implemented, look ahead, because there  Personal Reputation is always a new and promising path to follow.