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Repairing your personal reputation takes time, but letting it run wild is not an option. Having a negative (or even non-existent) reputation can do more damage to your business than you might think! So, it is important to take these five important steps to repair it:More often than not, customers need a quick fix to strengthen their status for a long time. Here are some tips on how to do this.

Set realistic goals and expectations

If a customer is accused of multiple attacks, you are unlikely to be able to present them to others as a friendly, conflict-free person. Discuss with him the reality  repair of the situation and how much his reputation has fallen in the public eye. It may be necessary to completely re-brand the client.

After assessing the situation, you will be able to set achievable goals. Can your client continue working in the industry? Maybe he should refrain from posting on social media? How much time do you have before the situation becomes critical?

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It may not be easy for your customer to recognize the situation repair . Use legal, financial and public relations tools to objectively assess reality. If the customer is not ready to accept possible restrictions, help them adjust their expectations.

Rate the damage

Conduct a thorough analysis of consequences – for example, what they write about the customer on social media and what Google discloses about them. How serious is this? Sometimes our perception skews the real extent of the damage done to the business.

A few years ago, one of my clients was accused of sexual harassment by two former colleagues. The case was resolved quickly and quietly. My client underwent psychological training to control his behavior  repair and started to create his own company.

When his company became popular, victims again rallied against him and started writing negative reviews about the company. Investors drew attention to this and started to get nervous. They feared that my client’s past mistakes could affect the business and their participation.

As a result, I have carefully studied what they write about the repair customer on social media and in the media. Everything confirmed that the previous scandal has now been resolved and no longer threatens investors, employees or customers of the company. Having learned this, my client was able to move forward and develop his business calmly.

Don’t let your emotions interfere

The reputation scandal is a difficult test for a person. Every comment on the net, a canceled meeting or ridicule only makes her more vulnerable. Help your client to distinguish the truth from the apparent situation.

One of my clients had a nasty case of bullying at work – colleagues deliberately didn’t call her to important meetings and didn’t include her in serious work correspondence, and then later said that she herself ignored them. They spread rumors about her marriage and personal life. These “serious adults” laughed violently as they passed the poor girl. My client tried to complain to her superiors, repair but they said she was making things up and advised her to work with self-confidence. This went on for several years.

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When the girl left the company, she was just emotionally wrecked. In an attempt to find a safe place, she got a job, far below her level. As a result, her career story began to look less appealing. The girl needed to recover somehow to work at her ability level again.

So we throw out the emotions and focus on the facts. What could really be corrected in the situation and what could we not control? We analyzed what happened in detail and were able to retrace his career path.

Carefully design your media strategy

You need to decide if you need to make some sort of official statement and choose the right person to deal with. It’s easy, more difficult to figure out how to prepare repair for media communication and what consequences it might have.

It is not always necessary to make public statements to restore reputation. Sometimes it’s best to hide it from the public eye. So one of my clients from Australia had to do this because the situation was so stressful. Later, we were able to gradually restore his reputation through valuable media sources.

Another client, a lawyer, acted as a representative for a well-known businessman and his company. Unfortunately, he lacked the charisma and experience to create a positive image of a businessman in the media and protect him in a critical situation. We decided to turn down repair his services and look for a trusted journalist who helped tell a businessman’s story in the right way.

See what disputes you engage in on social networks

Social networks are similar to traditional media in that working with them requires careful planning. If your customer got into some kind of dispute repair on social media without your participation, consider that he already has serious problems.

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Try to remind your customer that Internet users are quickly annoyed and practically uncontrollable. When people don’t like something, they can get excited. Give them the keyboard and they will express everything they think. Get into an argument with them – and the Internet will remember it forever.

Better to use social media to gather feedback and measure perceptions. When used correctly, they can become an extremely beneficial tool for you repair . But if you misbehave in them, it will be much more difficult to restore a reputation.